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HedgBD is the most user-friendly, adaptable Best pre-employment background check company in Bangladesh. Get a full scope of complete criminal background checks from the industry’s most well-known service. Avoid hiring the wrong people for your organization and your clients.

Background Screening Services

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Our 75+ integration solutions complement HedgBD’s best-in-class service and enable our clients to achieve genuine outcomes.

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HedgBD’s background screening solutions help businesses hire, onboard, and monitor employees around the world.

Background Check Services

5 Successful Features Of Our Background Screening Process

1. Background Checks

With our background check experience, you can confidently run background checks for workers, volunteers, and residents. To help you limit risk and maintain compliance, use our customizable array of services to create a unique, robust solution. We ensure the best services at the best rate.

2. Profile Verification

Our profile verification service’s main goal is to conveniently track all of an employee’s previous experience by confirming their data online. It is aimed squarely at enterprises and HR departments, allowing them to examine potential candidates’ qualifications and certificates.

3. Business Screening

HedgeBD offers quick and easy business screening services that include a variety of background checks on new employees, ensuring that you hire the best people for the job. We provide the background checks you’ve always wanted by optimizing every aspect of the client and candidate experience.

4. Serviced Office

Thanks to our global network of workspaces, you may work anywhere you need to be in a productive, professional setting. Our members have access to a variety of seating alternatives, including standing desks, booths, swings, and everything in between, both indoors and out.

5. Employment Screening

To assist our clients, HedgBD provides background checks and job screening services. We make your company safe and profitable by avoiding the numerous risks that unqualified, unethical, dangerous, or criminal employees might pose. HedgBD is your trustworthy partner who offers employment check services.

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People. Process. Results.

We instill confidence in your hiring process every day. You can expect more like a human resources professional: Relationship-centered support and proactive service that goes beyond transactional. We believe that each and every hire is critical, and we are dedicated to assisting our clients in making decisions with confidence, quickness, and trust.

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Over 40,000 businesses have trusted our award-winning background screening check. HedgBD’s background screening companies, which have worked with nearly half of the Fortune 100, can help you hire the right personnel for your company.

Innovative Technology

We are able to adapt our software platform to your changing needs and provide updates in real-time.

Responsive Support

we offer relationship-based service and accessibility by phone, chat, or email.


Ensure your employment screening process is compliant with regulatory changes by our team.

Background Check Services
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Our One-Stop Screening Solution Fits All

While other screening companies consider background checks to be a commodity, we consider them to be so much more. To ensure peace of mind, our people, process, and outcomes go beyond ‘checking the boxes.’ Our background check solution is a low-cost web-based application that generates concise reports with the most relevant results. We provide a one-stop background screening solution to fulfill the demands of both small enterprises and individuals in the recruiting process.

1. Industry’s Most Comprehensive Reports
2. Fast Turn-Around Time
3. Responsive And Reliable
4. More Than 10,000 Clients
5. Transparency, Every Step of the Way

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